Ride sharing company to operate their business in Africa

One of the fastest growing cities and the business hub of Africa is Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The city is known for its continuous innovation and its colorful streets with vibrant people. The leading online transportation giant Uber ventured into the African continent to broaden their business. The service provided by the company was useful for the local and it gave job opportunity for many citizens. But the local taxi drivers association was against the ride sharing company’s business in their land. They attacked many Uber drivers and held a violent protest against them, so the company had to close their operations for some days.

There are a lot of complications faced by the company to operate their business in Africa because of the crime rates, lack of credit card services and traffic congestions and so on, but still the company is trying hard to establish their mark in the country since 2012. Earlier the ride sharing company launched their service in Kampala, the capital of Uganda and now they have opened their business in Accra and to encourage the riders they offer free rides from June 9th to June 12th. This is the four hundred and sixty seventh city were Uber has launched their service inspite of the troubles faced by the company. Alon Lits is the General Manager of the sub Saharan Africa unit, said that the city has four million people in the city and the service can provide them with a safety ride at an affordable price.

The riders can download the Uber app on their mobile device and register themselves in the application. If the rider wants to book a ride they can use their mobile app and it will list the details about the available drivers, the price and the waiting time for the driver to arrive the desired spot. Since credit card service is not very common in Africa, the company introduced the cash payment service so that the rider can pay their cash at the end of their ride.


Car makers and ride sharing companies to build autonomous vehicles

Fiat Chrysler is the 3rd largest automobile company in the United States of America. The company plans to partner with the leading ride sharing giant in the country because of the focus of all the automakers towards the transportation company. The automotive experts said that the main reason behind this partnership is that the car makers have realized that the people in the present situation are not interested in buying new cars. So they consider the partnership as a long term view. what is website cloning can be seen with the ride sharing company has already partnered with the Japanese car maker Toyota Motors Corp, in which the company owns a small share.

Following this partnership, the General Motors invested five hundred million dollars in Lyft and Volkswagen invested three hundred million dollars in Gett. The technology giant Apple invested one billion dollars in the Chinese ride sharing company Didi Chuxing because of their market growth in China. The online car hailing companies are in talks with the automaker regarding the development of the dectar autonomous cars. The ride sharing giant is working to build an autonomous car with Carnegie Mellon robotics and has spent $5.5m to develop an Uber advanced technology center in Pittsburgh. Following the transportation giant many other automobile companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler and Daimler are interested in building the self driving automobiles.

The partnership between the Uber and Toyota said that they are not developing the driverless cars. The automobile company Fiat Chrysler is in talks with other companies in the Silicon Valley regarding the development of the driverless cars, and Google Alphabet agreed the partnership of developing hundred driverless minivans. The advancement in the technology allows the manufacturers to build autonomous vehicles with more technologies inbuilt.


Uber has to fight against the local ride sharing giant in China

The rise of mobile technology in China has increased the usage of the ride sharing service in the country. The ride sharing business is a large scale investment in China, and Uber is focusing to broaden its market in the country. The local market giant Didi Chuxing is the ride hailing company in China. In a recent research it was found that among thousand Chinese, sixty percent of them have ferried in the ride sharing service.  On an average the riders have spent $27.5 dollars in a month riding 8 rides which includes the people from the first tire and the younger generation. And the 76.8 percent of the customers have used the ride sharing app to book their ride. Survey shows that 91.3% of the customers used the Didi service and only thirty five percent of the riders have used the Uber service.

The Chinese ride hailing company is backed by technological giant Apple and the network giant Tencent and Alibaba. Hence, their service is the most popular and used service in and around China. Both the ride sharing companies have spent a lot of amount to sustain in the country by providing subsidiary for both the customers and the riders. Uber has spent one billion dollar and the Chinese giant has spent four billion dollars in China. The investments made by the investors indicate that the amount will be spent by the leading players to standardize their market.

Didi service provides an exclusive riding option so that if a person has taken alcohol can book a driver to ferry them in their own vehicle. And to fight against the American company, Didi partnered with the local ride sharing companies like Ola in India, Grab in Southeast Asia and Lyft in the United States.